GAT Stim-Free Nitraflex Pump Unflavored

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Details: Nitraflex Pump, Unflavored
Hyperemia and Strength. Intense Performance Gains with CFB. Mental Focus and Muscle Energy. Vascular Muscle Pumps. Stim-Free. Vasodilation. Reactive Hyperemia (Muscle Pumps). Strength. Hardness. 40 Scoops! Nitraflex Pump Is Stim-Free Yet Powerful, Just Like The Legendary Nitraflex Original. Use It Alone, Or Stack It Easily With GAT Sport Nitraflex Original, Jetfuse, Or Psychon! Hyperemia and Strength Formula. New Nitraflex Pump Has The Power To Outpump! This Scientifically Complex Power Output Formula Is Designed To Create Dramatically Extended Muscle Pumps While Weight Training. Impressive, Bigger and Longer-Lasting Nitraflex Pumps! It's Stim-Free, Andwon't Keep You Awake After Night Training. Even Those Sensitive To Stimulants Can Take It. Plus, It Stacks Well With Other GAT Products! Massive Hyperemia Muscle Pumps: Inducing Advanced, Blood-Engorged Hyperemia Muscle Pumps Takes Precision. The Unique Potent, Athletics-Enhancing Formula in Nitraflex Pump! It's Clinically Defined Dosage Matrix Of L-Citrulline, Hydromax Glycerol, L-Norvaline And Pine Barks Boosts Nitric Oxide, Dilates Blood Vessels For Higher Volume Flow Racing Into Muscles, Fights Fatigue. It Increases Pumps and Endurance. Agmatine Sulfate Adds Nitric Oxide Synthesis, Muscle Growth And Recovery. Best-In-Class Power Output, Focus and Performance. Feel The Power Of Nitraflex Pump, And Crush Workouts With Seething Intensity. You won't believe its Stim-Free. Carnosyn Beta-Alanine Enhances Muscle's Hydrogen (H+) Ion Buffering, Agmatine Increases Energy for Heightened Performance. Nitraflex Pump Is Truly A Power-packed Pre-Workout Pump Matrix for Today's Athletes! Over 8 Years Of Proven Success: Original Nitraflex By GAT Sport Dominates Pre-Workout. Its Proven Performance Has Fueled Thousands Of Fitness Enthusiasts And Pro Athletes Worldwide, Now, The Power Of Nitraflex Is Also In New Stim-Free Nitraflex Pump! For Maximum Results: Stack Nitraflex Pump with Nitraflex. Do Cardiovascular Activity First Thing Daily. Eat 4-5 Smaller Meals Throughout The Day. Eliminate Fast Food And Soda From Your Diet. Drink 1 Full Glass Of Water Before Each Meal.

Manufacturer: GAT

Flavor: Unflavored

Ingredients: Silicon Dioxide, Calcium Silicate.

Extended Size Details: 20 Servings (8 oz)

Directions: Recommended Dosage: Mix 1 Serving (2 Scoops) Of Nitraflex Pump with 10-12 FL Oz Of Cold Water And Consume Within 30 Minutes Before Working Out. Can Take Up To Two Servings Daily.

Warnings: This Product Is Strictly Intended For Use by Healthy Persons 18 Years of Age or Older. Do Not Use If You Are Pregnant, Nursing, Or Trying To Become Pregnant. Do Not Use If You Are Currently Unaware Of Your Health Status Or If You Have A Medical Condition Including But Not Limited To Heart, Liver, Kidney, Or Thyroid Disease, Psychiatric Or Epileptic Disorders, High Or Low Blood Pressure, Cardiac Arrhythmia, Recurrent Headaches, Enlarged Prostate, Or Glaucoma. Do Not Use If You Are Taking Prescription Medication Of Any Kind Including But Not Limited To MAO Inhibitors, Anti-Depressants, Aspirin, Or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. Do Not Use If You Are Prone To Overheating Or Dehydration. After 8 Weeks Of Use, Take 1 Week Off Before Resuming Use. Discontinue At Least 2 Weeks Prior To Surgery Or If You Experience Rapid Heartbeat, Dizziness, Severe Headache Or Shortness Of Breath. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Store in a Cool Dry Place. Do Not Use If Neck Seal Is Broken Or Missing.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: Approximately 2 Scoops
Servings Per Container: 20
Amount Per Serving
NameServing% Daily Value
Taurine2.0 g-
L-Citrulline4.0 g-
Carnosyn Beta-Alanine1.0 g-
Agmatine Sulfate500.0 mg-
L-Norvaline150.0 mg-
Calcium Fructoborate150.0 mg-
Hydromax Glycerol Powder 65%2.0 g-
Masson Pine Bark Extract200.0 mg-
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